English Krav Maga classes in Amsterdam

English spoken Krav Maga classes in Amsterdam


On behalf of all the instructors and members, we thank you for visiting our site.

We hope that after you click through our pages you will take the time to visit us in person.

Imagine a class filled with motivated people, training in Krav Maga and learning skills that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

At Inside Defence you will never feel intimidated or physically, in fact, we do not tolerate nor welcome individuals with negative intentions.

Our ‘ego-free’ team atmosphere is contagious,– just ask any of our members who train with us at Inside Defence.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, athletic or out-of-shape; you will immediately feel at home in our club.

The bottom-line is, your dedication combined with our style and approach will transform your life, both on-and-off the training mats.

You’ll learn practical self defence skills, get fitter and in the best shape of your life, all whilst increasing your confidence and reducing your stress levels.

New measures were announced 13 oktober 2020 during the press conference.

We are happy we can continue to work on our physical and mental health!

In short, for the adults the new mesures will mean that we are allowed to train without contact with each other for a period of 4 weeks at a distance of one and a half meters from each other. Together we will make the best out of it.

The Kidsafety and the Krav Maga for teens classes remain unchanged with contact.

Read on for all measures related to adult classes

We can keep on seeing each other. Improving our level of fitness, Strength, muscle memory, footwork and Krav Maga techniques.

Training without contact will take some getting used to in the next 4 weeks, we are happy that we can continue to see each other, and can continue to improve our fitness, strength and muscle memory.

We will make the lessons functional so that we are in top shape physically and mentally for the moment we can train with contact again.

Unless circumstances change, adult classes will continue according to our regular schedule

List of measures for adults as of Thursday 15 October 2020

In order to train safely and according to the new guidelines, the following measures will take effect on Thursday 15 October.

– From Thursday, October 15, train in groups of a maximum of 2 people at a distance of 1.5 meters with a maximum of 10 groups at a distance from each other
– In anticipation of the mandatory mouth masks in public areas,the wearing of a mouth mask during classes will be mandatory from Thursday 15 October.
– We will do no line up at the beginning and end of the lesson to avoid contact moments
– The showers and changing rooms are closed
– Registration for the lesson via Eversports is mandatory. If you forget to register yourself, you cannot participate in the class.
A maximum of 20 adults can participate in the lesson (RIVM sets a maximum of 30). Distance is easy to guarantee at the IJburg and Zuidoost locations. In East we are investigating what the maximum capacity is and if necessary adjust it to less than 20 people.
– Before class, wash your hands with soap and water, if not available, use disinfectant gel.
– After the lesson please clean any materials used
– We also maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters before and after the lesson

Despite the new measures, we are going to have a great time and look forward to seeing you!

See you soon in class!



Mathijn Appelman

Co-owner Inside Defence

No language barriers! All our Krav Maga lessons are conducted in english

Find a Location nearby

Monday (IJburg)19:30
Adres Ed Pelsterpark nr 8 (Name of the venue: Centrum voor vrije tijd)
Tuesday (Oost)18:00
Adres Polderweg 300 (Name of the venue: Wethouder Verheijhal)
Wednesday (Zuidoost)19:30
Adres Guldenkruis nr 5 (Name of the venue: Openbare scholengemeenschap Bijlmer)
Thursday (IJburg) 19:30
Adres Ed Pelsterpark nr 8 (Name of the venue: Centrum voor vrije tijd)

Friday (Zuidoost) 19:30
Adres Guldenkruis nr 5 (Name of the venue: Openbare scholengemeenschap Bijlmer)
Saterday (Oost) 8:30
Adres Polderweg 300 (Name of the venue: Wethouder Verheijhal)

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1) Training between 1 ¼ – 1 ½ hours per session

2) Specific training for those wanting to enter the grading system and progress through each level

3) Training in suitable and accessible venues across Amsterdam

4) Flexible Membership programmes to suit your lifestyle

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1) Exceptional coaching from our team of Instructors who have trained throughout the world to ensure that you receive the most up to date and comprehensive training available in the Netherlands.

2) Accountability to ensure that you are training regularly, meeting your training goals and are enjoying being part of the Inside Defence community.

3) Training with likeminded people who share the same interests and goals as you.

4) At Inside Defence we have worked hard to ensure that our class structures will keep you interested, increase your health and fitness, reduce your stress levels.

5) We will teach you proven self defence techniques and concepts that can be learnt by everybody.

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Polderweg 300, 1093 KP, Amsterdam
Krav Maga lessen beginners en gevorderen volwassenen en tieners. Avond en ochtend les
Meer informatie >>>

IJburg - Centrum voor vrije tijd

Ed Pelsterpark 8, 1087 EJ Amsterdam
Krav Maga lessen voor volwassenen beginners, gevorderden en G-level. Women only lessen. Avond lessen.
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IJburg - Sporthal Laterna Magica

Eva Besnyöstraat 491, 1087 LG Amsterdam
Kidsafety lessen. Krav Maga lesen voor tieners. Middag en avond lessen.
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Gymzaal Openbare Scholengemeenschap Bijlmer, Gulden Kruis 5, Amsterdam Zuidoost
Krav Maga lessen voor volwassenen beginners, gevorderden en G-level. Avond lessen
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Zuidoost HQ

Tafelbergweg 10, 1055 BN Amsterdam
Prive lessen, 55+ lessen, Krav Maga beginners en gevorderden, ochtend lessen
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