FAQ About Krav Maga

Frequently asked questions

Starting with Krav Maga

My condition is very bad, can I start with Krav Maga?

Yes! Krav Maga is designed to teach all people to defend themselves effectively regardless of their fitness level or condition. A large part of the lessons is aimed at improving your fitness!


I have absolutely no experience with self-defense or martial arts, is that a problem?

Whether or not experience with self-defense or martial arts, everyone can participate! Krav Maga is ideally suited for people without any martial arts experience. Everyone can train and enter at their own level, condition and physical possibilities.

I am a woman, can I follow the training as well?

Yes, as a woman you can end up in a threatening situation in which you have to defend yourself. Krav Maga is therefore developed for both men and women who want to be able to defend themselves effectively. In the adult groups, every training course trains both men and women. For women who prefer to train only with women, we also offer classes for women only.

Can I also lose weight through Krav Maga?

Krav Maga and weight loss can be combined very well. Exercising and watching your diet are two things that help you lose weight. Because you are also physically challenged during the training (each at his / her own level), you not only learn to defend well, but you also get a full body workout in which you build muscle strength and burn a large dose of calories.

Training and exams

Can I train at all locations?

Lessons can be taken at all locations and can be arranged freely.

Are there combined parent and child lessons?

At the moment there are no lessons where parents are training with their children at the same time. We are investigating what the options are. Keep an eye on this site for developments.

From what age do you teach?

We teach from the age of 6 years. Due to differences in weight, cognitive development and capacity, the lessons are divided into the age classes below.

6 to 9 years of Kidsafety lessons at the IJburg location Laterna Magica

10 to 12 years of Kidsafety lessons at the IJburg location Laterna Magica

13 through 17 Krav Maga for Teens. Location Oost and IJburg

18 years and older. Krav Maga for adults

18 years or older Brazilian Jiu Jitsu no Go

55+ Krav Maga lessons. Are you 55 or older? You are very welcome to participate in the Krav Maga class for adults. If you are less taxable, we recommend participating in the 55+ class.

When can I participate in an exam?

If you have trained for at least six months at your current level and have followed more than 70% of the lessons. Are you eligible for the exam? You can sign up for the exam after approval from your instructor.

Trial lesson

Can I come for a trial lesson?
Yes you can by pressing the following link


Yes, this can be achieved by purchasing the <a href="https://insidedefence.nl/proeflessen/"> trial lesson package. </a>
What does a trial lesson cost?

Trial lesson package: for € 25.00 you can participate in three lessons and you get an Inside Defense Club shirt worth € 25.00!

What clothing do I need for a trial lesson?

For a trial lesson you need the following things: long trousers, a T-shirt (no dumbbell top). Clean shoes that don’t give up (preferably shoes with a low sole such as indoor tennis, football, or squash shoes), something to drink.


How do I become a member?

You can easily register via our online registration form.

Do you have extra fees for a subscription?

There are no costs associated with registration.

I would like a subscription for several trainings per week. Do I have to specify in advance on which days I will (probably) come training and am I stuck to that?

No, we have a wide training schedule. You do not have to commit to specific training days or report it in advance if you come to train on another day. So you have complete freedom to train when it suits you. Even if this is different per week.

How do I cancel my subscription?

The subscription can be canceled at any time. This is possible in two ways. By sending an email to info@insidedefence.nl or by terminating your subscription in your account with Fitmanager.