G level training

Advanced training from P4 and up

G level training three times a week!

Unique at Inside Defense: 12 times per month you can (from level P4) participate in the G level training; a special training for the higher levels. There is no extra cost for this training, you can participate in these training sessions with your unlimited subscription.

The G level training courses can be followed at our locations in Amsterdam IJburg


Krav Maga – Inside Defence Amsterdam

Locatie: IJburg
Gymzaal Laterna Magica
Eva Besnyöstraat 491, 1087 LG Amsterdam
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Locatie: Zuidoost
Gymzaal Openbare Scholengemeenschap Bijlmer
Gulden Kruis 5, Amsterdam
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Lessons & times


Monday from 19:30 until 20:45
Thursday from 21:00 until 22:15


There are no extra costs for participating in the G level training!

The condition to participate is that you have at least P4 and an unlimited subscription.

Book three trial lessons


Papaverweg 46, 1023 KJ Amsterdam
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Polderweg 300, 1093 KP, Amsterdam
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IJburg - Centrum voor vrije tijd

Ed Pelsterpark 8, 1087 EJ Amsterdam
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IJburg - Sporthal Laterna Magica

Eva Besnyöstraat 491, 1087 LG Amsterdam
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Gymzaal Openbare Scholengemeenschap Bijlmer, Gulden Kruis 5, Amsterdam Zuidoost
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Kors Beijerschool – Papelaan 122a, 1382 RP Weesp
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