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Registering with Inside Defense is fast, simple and completely online via our partner Fitmanager.

Press the desired subscription or strip card to purchase it. Payments are made securely via Ideal. Purchase subscriptions The first payment of a subscription takes place via Ideal.

You agree that the delivery of the subscription will take place by payment via direct debit. After this, the direct debit is set and the subscription will be extended and collected monthly.

All subscriptions can be canceled per month and run from the date of purchase to the same date of the next month. We warmly welcome you as a member of Inside Defense and wish you lots of instructive and enjoyable lessons!

Mathijn Appelman

Co-founder Inside Defence


3 trial lessons plus free T-shirt for only 25 euros


Papaverweg 46, 1023 KJ Amsterdam
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Polderweg 300, 1093 KP, Amsterdam
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IJburg - Centrum voor vrije tijd

Ed Pelsterpark 8, 1087 EJ Amsterdam
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IJburg - Sporthal Laterna Magica

Eva Besnyöstraat 491, 1087 LG Amsterdam
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Gymzaal Openbare Scholengemeenschap Bijlmer, Gulden Kruis 5, Amsterdam Zuidoost
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Kors Beijerschool – Papelaan 122a, 1382 RP Weesp
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