Terms and Conditions

Lessons, workshops and events

Members or participants in the classes, workshops and events of Inside Defence are subject to the minimum age requirement. Unless stated otherwise, this means 18 years or above.


Inside Defence invests considerable time and pays much attention to safety during classes, workshops and events.

However, by agreeing to the terms and conditions on our site − or by signing the registration form − the member/participant explicitly declares to attend the lessons, workshops and events of Inside Defence exclusively at their own risk.

Inside Defence is not liable for any costs that are the result of an accident, injury or any other damage, incurred as a result of participation in our classes.

These costs will be borne entirely by the member/participant.

Participation in lessons, workshops and events of Inside Defence, including the use of equipment and other materials, is entirely at your own risk.

Inside Defence is not responsible nor liable for any damage or injury incurred during our lessons, workshops and events.

Inside Defence is also not liable for damage to or loss of a member’s or participant’s clothing, materials or items that are brought to our training locations or are (accidentally) left behind.

Members/participants are responsible for their own gear and/or other items they bring our training locations. The loss of any item left at our training location − or the resulting costs of replacing these items − are at the member’s/participant’s own expense.

Inside Defence accepts no responsibility or liability for these items.

The member/participant relieves Inside Defence from any liability.

Participants in events hosted by Inside Defence – including regular lessons, workshops, seminars, courses, et cetera − declare that they have no criminal record.

At the instructor’s request, the member/participant must be able to show a Certificate of Good Conduct (‘Verklaring omtrent het gedrag’ (‘VOG’)).

The involved application fees are at the expense of the member/participant.

Inside Defence reserves the right to refuse or remove a member/participant who does not comply with our standards on good conduct.

Members/participants who show troublesome, deviant and/or intoxicated behavior − either before, during or after the lessons, workshops or events − can be barred from our training locations. At the instructor’s discretion, this may also result in the unilateral termination of a participant’s membership by Inside Defence.

Subscription & membership

Members pay a monthly contribution fee of € 48 to Inside Defence. When monthly fees are paid, the member can attend all regular lessons, without restrictions.

A prospective member can attend one (1) free trial lesson, by signing up on our website. A prospective member also has the option of purchasing a trial package, which is comprised of three (3) trial lessons and a free t-shirt for € 25. The free trial lesson and the trial package lessons can be redeemed during our regular lessons. It is not possible to use the free trial lesson or trial package lessons to attend private lessons. When the participant enrolls, the amount of € 25 will be deducted from the contribution fee for the first month of training.

The aforementioned amounts are based on the reference date of July 1st 2017. Members will be informed beforehand when contribution fees change. Contribution fees be adjusted unilaterally by Inside Defence. If a member does not accept the proposed contribution fees, he/she can terminate membership within one (1) month after the proposed change of contribution.

The membership fees are collected automatically by Inside Defence through direct debit (‘automatische incasso’). Payments are processed through iDEAL.

A member can register by filling out the registration form. This form can be found at our partner’s website fitmanager.nl

Membership commences when registration is completed through Fitmanager and payment has been received. Membership is automatically renewed each month.

The collection of the monthly contribution fees is not dependent on whether the member has attended training classes or not.

Notice of default

If payment is not made in the manner described above − for example because of insufficient funds or a reversal for whatever reason – those monthly fees will be added the following month, without additional costs. If these contribution fees are not paid by the next month, an additional administrative fee of € 10 will be charged. The member will then have a two week period to pay all outstanding contribution fees. If the member does not pay all outstanding contribution fees during this two week period, the claim will be handed over to a debt collection agency. All incurred costs are at the expense of that member. The above does not negate the authority of Inside Defence to terminate the membership agreement due to non-fulfillment of the payment obligation. In that circumstance, Inside Defence can refuse the member access to the training location(s) without voiding the member’s payment obligation.

Alterations to the training schedule

Inside Defence reserves the right to unilaterally change the opening hours.

On officially acknowledged holidays and school holidays, Inside Defence can close its training location(s) without this leading to a reduction or refund of contribution fees.

If an instructor is absent due to training or course attendance or illness, Inside Defence will attempt to find a certified replacement instructor to conduct the training class(es). If Inside Defence is unable to timely find a replacement instructor, that lesson will be canceled.


Inside Defence will not refund contribution fees, prepaid lesson cards, prepaid private lessons, trial lesson packages, prepaid seminars or workshops, nor clothing and/or material.

Membership termination

Inside Defense does not require notice to terminate membership; this possible at all times.

Membership termination must be done in writing. This can be done by sending an e-mail to info@insidedefence. Inside Defence appreciates any feedback on the reasons for termination of membership.

Any overdue contribution fees must be paid by the member at the moment of cancellation.

If the member does not terminate membership in writing, the agreement will remain in effect and the contribution fees will be collected monthly until the moment membership is actually terminated.

If the member disregards or violates any given instructions or regulations by Inside Defence, this may result in the refusal of access to training location(s) to said member, as well as termination of membership, effective immediately.

KMG-NL membership

When a prospective member registers for membership of Inside Defence, he or she also applies for membership of Krav Maga Global (KMG). KMG is the Krav Maga organisation of which Inside Defence is a member. The annual membership fees of KMG are € 25,-. In the first year KMG also charges an additional administrative fee of € 5,- (making a total of € 30,- for the first year).

The member will register for membership by filling out the KMG registration form and paying the annual membership fee directly to KMG, by means of direct debit (‘automatische incasso’).

Membership is renewed automatically each year and the annual membership fee of € 25 is collected through direct debit. KMG reserves the right to increase the membership fee according to KMG-NL guidelines.

Members must also abide by the membership regulations of KMG-NL when participating in lessons. These regulations can be requested − free of charge − at KMG-NL.

Kidsafety and Teens Krav Maga

Younger members of Inside Defence can attend the lessons Kidsafety or Teens Krav Maga. Inside Defence does not require these younger members − under the age of 18 – to pay a registration fee. Only the purchase of a Kidsafety t-shirt or Teens Krav Maga t-shirt is compulsory.

The contribution fees for Kidsafety or Teens Krav Maga is € 31,50- per month. This is calculated on an annual basis and will therefore also be collected during school holidays. Credits from a pre-paid 10 lesson card can not be used to take part in the Kidsafety an/ or Krav Maga for teens lessons.

School holidays

During school holidays in the Amsterdam region all Kidsafety and Teens Krav Maga lessons will be suspended. For the other Krav Maga lessons, there may be an adjusted schedule during these holidays.

Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

Inside Defense reserves the right to change or supplement the General Terms and Conditions.

Changes to the General Term and Conditions also apply to previously made agreements. These changes become effective after an observation period of 30 days after the publication of these changes by digital means. Minor changes can be made at any time.

If the member does not want to accept the changes made to these General Terms and Conditions, he or she can terminate membership up until the date on which these new conditions become effective. Or on the date Inside Defence receives the notice of termination of membership, if this has occurred after the date the new conditions have come effective.

Privacy Statement

Inside Defence currently has its headquarters located in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Inside Defence is responsible for processing personalised data of members, as shown in this privacy statement.

Inside Defence contact details

Address: Tafelbergweg 10, 1055 BN Amsterdam

Telephone (mobile): +31 (0)6 273 386 75.

Mathijn Appelman is the Data Protection Officer of Inside Defence. He can be reached at info@insidedefence.nl

Personal data

You agree to have your personal data be processed by Inside Defence. By making use of our services you provide this personal information to us.

Overview of collected general personalised data

  • First and last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Home address.
  • Telephone number.
  • E-mail address.
  • IP address.
  • Other personalised data that you actively provide. For example by creating a profile on our website, or information given in correspondence and by telephone.
  • Information about your activities on our website.
  • List of a member’s contact details provided through an app.
  • Internet browser and device type.
  • Your bank account number.
  • Special and/or sensitive personalised data.

Inside Defence also processes the following special and/or sensitive personalised data

  • Data from persons under the age of sixteen (16). Inside Defence does not intend to collect data from visitors to our website who are younger than sixteen (16) years old, unless they have permission from their parents or guardians. However, we are unable to verify whether a visitor is above the age of sixteen (16).
  • Inside Defence encourages parents to be involved in the online activities of their children, for instance in order to prevent data about underage children being collected without parental consent.
  • If you have legitimate reason to believe that we have collected personalised information about a minor without this consent, please contact us at info@insidedefence.nl and we will delete this information.

For what purpose and on what basis we process your personalised data

Inside Defence collects your personalised data for the following purposes

  • To be able to handle your payment(s).
  • To be able to send you our newsletter and/or advertising brochure.
  • To be able to call or e-mail you − if possible − so we can provide our services.
  • To be able to inform you about changes to our conditions, services and products.
  • To be able to give you the option of creating an account.
  • To be able to deliver goods and services to you.
  • To be able to analyze the usage of our website, in order to improve our website and to tailor the range of products and services to your preferences.
  • To be able to collect personalised data if we are legally obliged to do so, for instance information that we need for our tax returns.

Mailing list

We ask the users of our services − for trial lessons and paid membership − to register on our mailing list. Inside Defence uses this mailing list to periodically inform our customers about matters such as: new services, seminars, changes to the schedule, ‘tips and tricks’ and changes to our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Statement.

Our customers can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. However, in that circumstance we will be unable to provide information regarding our services, such as changes to our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Statement.

Automated decision-making

Inside Defence does not utilize automated decision-making on matters that can have (significant) consequences for our members or customers. For instance, decisions taken by computer programs or systems without personal oversight, for example by an employee of Inside Defence.

How long we store personal data

Inside Defence does not store your personalised data any longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the goals for which your personalised data is collected.

We use the following retention periods for the following (categories) of personalised data

Dutch law states that personalised data for fiscal means is stored for at least seven (7) years.

Sharing personalised data with third parties

Inside Defence will not sell your personalised information to any third party and will only provide such information if this is necessary for the execution of our agreement with you, or to comply with a legal obligation.

Companies that process your personalised data on our behalf work for us on the basis of a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to ensure the same level of data security and confidentiality. Inside Defence remains responsible for these data processing operations.

Processing personalised data

If you visit our website, become a member of Inside Defence, buy a trial package or use any other service of Inside Defence, you provide personalised information to Inside Defence. Inside Defence protects your personalised data, for instance when you make use of our services, buy our products and/or become a member.

This means − among other things − that Inside Defence automatically collects membership fees from you.

Inside Defence can also approach you by telephone, mail, e-mail or social media regarding your membership and to inform you about activities, services and products of Inside Defence, including promotional purposes.

Inside Defence utilises your e-mail address for custom audience targeting through Facebook. Inside Defence has created a custom audience group by processing the e-mail addresses of its members in an advertising tool. This group can then be linked to a specific Facebook campaign; only these Facebook users will see that campaign.

If you no longer wish to receive our (digital) mail, newsletters and/or no longer wish to be contacted by us by telephone, or if do not wish to be part of a custom audience advertising tool, you can indicate this at any time by contacting us at info@insidedefence.nl

Cookies, or similar tracking techniques

Inside Defence makes use of functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit this website. Cookies are placed on this website by third parties. These are for example advertisers and/or social media companies.

Below an overview

  • Cookie: Googly Analytics
  • Usage: analytical cookie that measures website visits
  • Storage period: two (2) years
  • Cookie: Facebook pixel
  • Usage: analytical cookie that measures website visits and is used to show targeted advertisements to our website visitors and a similar audience on Facebook
  • Storage period: two (2) years

View, modify or delete data

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personalised data. You can view, correct or delete this data through the personal settings of your account. Please go to: https://club.fitmanager.com/login?route_login_to=%2F

If you wish to delete your account at Fitmanager, please first send an e-mail to info@insidedefence.nl and then delete your account.