Krav Maga Private Vonier course

Confidence to act!

Trial class Private Vonier Course; Were and when?

Amsterdam Zuidoost: Tafelbergweg

Sunday 26 th of May

Tafelbergweg 10, Amsterdam
14:30 tot 15:30 uur 

What to bring?

For the trial class you will need to bring:

  • Long pants
  • T-shirt with short sleeves (no halter shirts)
  • Clean indoor shoes that do not leave marks
  • Something to drink

If you deside to enroll in the course you will also need

  • A mouthguard
  • Groinprotection

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Trial class Vonier Krav Maga Course

Sunday 26th of May 14:30 untill 15:30


Participation in the trial class is entirely non-binding. You are not committed to a subscription.