Common reactions to fear and how to deal with it


Blog by Ole Boe (bron

Imagine the following scenario and try to think about your reactions to fear: You have just finished training, and you are on your way home after a quickshower. You had a good training session and you feel good. You are also hungry because the training was hard, so you decide to take a short cut in order to get home more quickly. You therefore enter into a street where there is not much light. Usually you take the long way around the block, but today you make a different decision. You go into the dark street. Halfway through the street three mean looking guys steps out in front of you.

How do you react? Are you ready to fight? Do you want to run away? Do you freeze and do nothing? Do you feel fear? Do you get stressed or do you feel threatened? What if they just want to know what time it is? Is that likely? Do you think of where to position yourself so that not all three will be able to attack you at once if they decided to attack you? Do you think clearly in this situation? How many thoughts go through your head at this time?

Kung Fu expert and movie star Bruce Lee once said: “Experience is something you get after you need it”

Bruce Lee definitely has a point here. If it is the first time you fight for real in the dark street, you will not know how you will react. If you have been fighting a 100 times in these types of situations, you will know a lot more of how you react to fighting. This is nothing new and Bruce Lee was not the first to discover this. 490 B.C. the Chinese martial artist and philosopher Sun Tzu stated:

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